Insights / September 14, 2022

Why Ultrasound AI?

By Chris Kulis

I have had a fulfilling, successful career working for large corporations manufacturing medical devices and software for healthcare and retiring early. That lasted two months! As I told my husband: “I can only beach, bike, boat, and golf so much. I need to put my brain to work.” From there, I started my consulting business, keeping me busy and fulfilled. I was confident I would never work for any one company again.

Then, one day my phone rang from a former colleague I highly respected. He told me he was working with a company, Ultrasound AI, that he believed could use my help. So he arranged a call with the founder, Bob Bunn, who explained what he was working on related to preterm birth. I was hooked and joined as an Advisor!

During my meeting with Bob, he shared that he developed an algorithm that could read ultrasound images and detect risk for premature birth beginning at eight weeks. He told me that one million children die globally yearly from preterm birth complications and that 50% of women present no risk factors.

What Bob didn’t know was that I was one of those women. When I was pregnant with my third child, fortunately, I worked in ultrasound at the time. Oddly, I quickly checked and discovered that I had lost my amniotic fluid and needed to have the baby immediately. I could deliver him successfully without needing emergency services only because of my discovery. I don’t know what made me check that day. What if I was like all other women in this world and couldn’t give myself a quick check? My son would have been stillborn. It still gives me chills to think that this could have happened. This is one of the A-symptomatic conditions that Ultrasound AI would have detected. I am happy to tell you he is now a healthy young man.

When I became an Advisor for Ultrasound AI, Bob witnessed my passion for making the company successful. He asked me to join as CEO of the company, and I immediately said yes, as this is personal to me and so many women I know. I am passionate about helping improve the lives of women and babies worldwide. I am honored to be leading the company in this endeavor.

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