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A Baby Shouldn’t Have to Fight for its Life on Day One

Our advanced AI can provide accurate delivery date predictions as early as 8 weeks into the pregnancy. This empowers expecting parents and healthcare providers with valuable insights, allowing them to plan and prepare more effectively.

preterm births/yr. in the U.S. (< 37 weeks)
1 million children die
every year from preterm birth complications, globally
Adds $30B/year
to U.S. healthcare costs
The Potential For Tomorrow

We make accurate prediction of premature birth a reality.

Unlike traditional methods that assume a 40-week pregnancy, our AI model is specifically designed to offer precise and individualized predictions based on unique factors. This ensures tailored care for every pregnancy, reducing the risk of unexpected outcomes. At Ultrasound AI, we are driven by a passion for cutting-edge technology and a commitment to making a positive impact on the world. Our AI-driven predictions pave the way for safer pregnancies, healthier babies, and happier families.


The FDDR AI platform empowers clinicians to improve outcomes.

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