Prenatal Care Today

A traumatic and expensive problem.

Reducing the severe effects of preterm birth requires early, accurate identification and intervention by providers and patients. Traditional diagnosis depends on the skill and experience of providers, but current medical knowledge of risk factors for preterm birth is insufficient to identify the majority of preterm deliveries. In fact, 50% of women who deliver prematurely have no known risk factors.

preterm births/yr. in the U.S. (<37 weeks)
1 million children die
every year from preterm birth complications, globally
Adds $30B/year
to U.S. healthcare costs
The Potential for Tomorrow

A revolutionary new standard.

FDDR AI, our first product, has been trained by over five million ultrasound images using advanced neural networks. It has the potential to radically change prenatal care by identifying those women at risk for preterm birth who would have been missed and giving providers near-instant and updated feedback on their patients’ statuses with regards to specific disease processes.


The FDDR AI platform empowers clinicians to improve outcomes.

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