A revolutionary new standard.

A revolutionary new standard.

Our platform introduces an intelligence layer to the power of ultrasound technology, seeing beyond the human eye, adding new dimensions of insight for pregnancy complications due to premature birth.

AI-Driven Insights

The Preterm Birth AITM platform empowers better outcomes.

Preterm Birth AI predicts likely delivery dates based on ultrasounds performed as early as eight weeks gestation. Its unique presentation allows obstetricians to understand the likelihood of preterm delivery and highlights specific anatomical areas of concern.

The Forecasted Delivery Date Range (Preterm Birth AITM) is based on existing clinical workflow, and the results are delivered nearly instantly. Obstetrical specialists can discuss results with mothers after the exam is complete.

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Preterm Birth AI Platform Highlights
  • Uses AI to create a forecasted delivery date range using eight anatomical areas
  • Predicts preterm birth as early as eight weeks of gestation
  • Provides a forecasted delivery date range for a specific mother and her baby
  • Delivered in existing clinical workflows (PACS)
  • More accurate and accessible than other methods such as blood tests
Trained on millions of ultrasound images, tested on thousands of pregnancies

Crossing all the social determinants of healthcare outcomes such as ethnicity, income, or education, the Ultrasound.AI data set incorporates millions of images and thousands of pregnancies. Actual births occur within the Preterm Birth AI 90% of the time across a diverse population of patients.

Beyond the AI black box

Instead of a single number common to many AI algorithms, Preterm Birth AI provides a plot of the likelihood of delivery which helps clinicians to better interpret the level of concern. The model shows the user what it “sees,” making it possible for clinicians to match the AI’s areas of concern with their clinical judgment and the patient’s medical history.

Support for the Standard of Care

Optimizing health system performance for providers and their patients.

By providing deeper insights into all the potential issues that may arise from an at-risk pregnancy, the Preterm Birth AI platform supports the Quadruple Aim, allowing the entire healthcare support team to focus on the best possible outcomes for mothers and their at-risk babies.
Realtime results for better outcomes
Patient outcomes projected to improve by 33%
Intuitive clinical adoption
Health costs projected to reduce by 25%

Want to learn more?

Stay informed about our prenatal care AI platform as we continue to make progress towards making it a reality for providers and their patients.

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